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Here you will find all the websites our productions post content to. We cover a vast array of fetishes with all our sites. We strive to provided the highest quality and the fastest turn around possible for all our videos. Take a look below you just might find something you like or it may inspire you to come up with a custom video of your very own.

Taboo Heat

You can watch our videos here by paying only for the minutes that you view or you rent a video for 48 hours. Taboo Heat has ton of Taboo incest based fetishes. We have tons of scandalous stepmoms, naughty MILFs, fetishists, and other fun-loving fuckers deliver hot scenes that will take your breath and your load away!

Sites below contain content of ours that you can purchase to own and view them as many times as you would like. Build up your own fetish porn library on any or all of your devices.
All girls on this website are 18 years or older.
By entering these sites you swear that you are of legal age in your area to view adult material and that you wish to view such material.
All images on this site as well as the site itself is Copyright CoryChaseCustoms.com, All Rights Reserved.

Bare Back Studios

Bare Back Studios was our original hardcore sex site but we have since evolved it into our Taboo Teen site. There are still some of our first MILF taboo scenes available, but we have since reserved the site for our younger models. Do you have a fantasy about the babysitter, your daughters best friend or even your step daughter who comes on to you so hard you just cannot resist. This site contains lots of young new faces in the industry and I know there will be something that will tickle your fantasy. You will find a wide variety of young woman, older man scenarios played out on this site. We have it all like: POV, Threesomes, Lesbian, Anal, Creampie, Rough Sex just to name a few.

Jerky Wives

Jerky Wives started out as our Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs and Foot Jobs store on Clips4Sale. It since has evolved to be our MILF(an acronym for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”) porn site. You can still find the HJ, BJ and FJ but we have added all our mature model hardcore sex scenes here. MILF porn is one of the top search porn category on the internet and we have tons of it. Do you like older women, Step moms, Aunts and Mother fantasies? If you desire for “real women” who are confident, knowledgeable, and practiced when it comes to sex, as well as the promise of a mutually satisfying sexual experience, you have come to the right place. They love Anal, Creampies, Rough Sex and bringing others into the bedroom. Let them fulfill your fantasy.

Cory’s Super-heroine Adventures

Cory’s Super-heroine Adventures is all about powerful women. Here you find damsels in distress saved by Super-heroins and then repay the heroine in return with acts of lesbian love. There are battles between powerful women who fight to the death stealing each others powers. Or do you have a fantasy of capturing your favorite super-heroine and doing nasty perverted acts to them? Here you can find all our Cosplay hardcore action sex scenes that are bound to make any Villain or Super Hero Cum.

Mixed Model Wrestling

Mixed Model Wrestling incorporates domination over a male or female counterpart in different martial arts. We specialize in grappling and Brazilian Jujitsu. Who would not love to be locked into a figure four leg choke by a sexy woman till you pass out. Better yet to have a powerful women break your arms, legs and back, then ride your raging hard cock till she cums and finished the kill with a neck break. Women in spandex wrestling and stripping off their clothes till they are nude is always a good time!

Kinky Cory

Kinky Cory is all about the Femdom, females domination over weak “men”. The domination my friends and I have over poor pathetic excuses of so called men is entertaining. Here you will find everything from ball busting, cuckolding, financial domination, and virtual sex. God knows this is the closest thing you would ever get to having sex with us. Remember the Tribute button at the top of the site. Any leftover money in your account or credit card should be used to show us how much you appreciate us in allowing you to view and cum to our sexy bodies.

Chase Water Babes

Chase Water Babes are our underwater store. Some of the fetishes are breath holding, underwater sex, fear factor challenges, and transformations to mermaids and witches. We use weigh belt, scuba and hookah equipment, and masks in and out of the water. See our lovely sexy models in dangerous situations while holding their breaths praying for their next breath. Bodies stretched out and hair flowing in the water as air bubbles escape their sensual lips. Cum and get WET with us!

Robot and Limp Videos

This site is an ever revolving site. This is where we would place a lot of the custom video request that we would get from you our fans. Currently it houses all the Robot fetish videos. We have beautiful ladies that transform into sexy fembots. We also cover the special order build sexbots that come delivered to your door. Technology is not always perfect and some service is required during malfunctions but either with your own expertise or help from one of our sex technicians any error codes will be solved.
This site also covers Limp fetish where lovely women get knockout, mesmerized, or just drank a little to much till they are out cold. They are sexy little presents give to you just waiting to be opened. Watch the wonderful performances of the sexy ladies completely relaxed and limp just for you.
There are other Roleplay videos available on this site as well Like Doll Play, Mannequin play, Mind control, and alien and monsters. You can also find inflatables, catfights and Vore videos.