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Your Mom Nikki Brooks can see how hard their divorce has been on the family. She adores you and will do anything for you to be happy.
Money is tight this year and she wants to give you a very special Holiday gift.
Does Nikki make her Son happy for the Holiday? Find out below!

Scene 1: Divorce is Hard

Mom lying in bed talking to you. She Talks about how the divorce has been hard on everyone. She knows that it’s been hard on you. She talks about how it’s just the two of them now and she will always love him more than anything else in the world. She says she sees that he’s not happy and is there anything she can do. You tell her about how you’re having trouble talking to girls because all they care about is stupid stuff and besides mom is way prettier than any of them. You talk about how you haven’t gotten past date number 1 because they just don’t interest you very much and all you really want to do is just come home. Nikki starts telling you it’s important that you date girls your age and have a good social life since those are skills you will to need throughout life. But she understands how it’s hard to think rationally when you’re a boy with raging hormones and a chaotic home life.

She moves to give you a hug and her hand hits your erection. She’s apologizing for getting you worked up. She says “Listen, you’ve been my rock during this divorce and I know that wasn’t easy on you. Let me help you with this…(kind of laughing in an embarrassed way). She then gives you a handjob. You eventually come while she’s topless and starts apologizing while she says it’s fine and she loves you.

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Scene 2: Open Bathrobe

Mom says since we don’t have a lot of money I can’t really buy you a really expensive Xmas gift to show how much I appreciate and love you and the other day made me think you are, perhaps, a little sexually frustrated. So while I can’t buy you a car, I can do my best to help you be a great boyfriend or husband to whoever is lucky enough to end up with you. So..(she stands up and sort of takes a deep calming breath and takes off her robe – she’s naked underneath – kind of shy and embarrassed) She lifts up the covers and climbs in bed. She is saying calm down, just listen. She says it’s important that you know the different parts of a woman’s body and how to, um, stimulate those parts. She says here give me your hand. She stakes your hand puts it on her breast.

She continues to instruct your what to do and you can clearly see her getting closer and closer to cumming. As she starts to cum she starts saying right there, yes, good touch my nipples etc.

After she cums she says you have amazing hands and made her feel better than any man has in a long time. She says now she wants to make him feel the same way so she slides down the bed and starts to give you a blowjob. After about 30 seconds have the you cum, which surprises Nikki. You are embarrassed by the quick orgasm but Mom tells you that lasting long is a skill and your next present will help with that and she will be teaching you how. She says she loves you and to get some sleep.

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Scene 3: Not Till We Cum

Mom says good morning sleepy head, after giving you a good morning bj. It’s Xmas eve day! Everyone knows you get one present on Xmas eve so here it is.

She says that orgasms in women are different than in men and that sometimes they require a bit more…work. She says men can pretty much cum when the wind blows so in order to be a considerate husband, boyfriend, lover he needs to be able to last beyond the first few mins. She says she knows that can be difficult when something feels good (she bobs up and down a few more times) or you’re really excited but with practice it can be done.

She moves to the side and the camera shows Cory in the corner of the room. Nikki says say hi to your Aunt Cory baby. She says that she and her sister have always been..close. “And she knew what the two of us have been going through with the divorce. She knows how much I love you and she loves you too and wants to help. So here’s what’s going to happen. Me and your aunt are going to have sex in front of you. I want you to masturbate but you can’t touch us. We will continue to give you a show you will never forget, for as long as you last. But once you cum, the show ends. If you’re about to cum and need to stop for a few seconds to control yourself, that’s fine. But once you cum, show’s over. Got it?”

Nikki and Cory proceed to give you an amazing scene. Again, however long it lasts it will end with Mom having a very intense, very loud orgasm that happens at the same time as you cum. Nikki kisses Cory and says I love you sis, that was amazing. She walks over to you and gives you a kiss and says take a shower and come to the kitchen, she’s going to make them breakfast.

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Scene 4: Merry Christmas

Mom walks into the room wearing lingerie. She says Merry Xmas, Baby. She says she hopes that you got a good night sleep because she is going to show you just how much she loves you and she’s going to give you the best Xmas present she can think of – herself. She slowly begins taking off her clothes while walking towards you. She turns around, giving you a full look at her body. As she walks to you and stands next to the bed. After a minute she kneels down next to the bed and begins to gently suck your cock. She then gently straddles you and begins to ride while telling how to fuck her – go faster, slow down, deeper, tease her, etc. changing positions to doggie while she starts grinding herself onto you. Finally you switch to missionary and you is on top. She is saying how much she loves you and she will always take care of you as she begins an intense orgasm just as you cums inside her. She smiles and says merry Xmas baby. I love you.

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Cory ChaseNikki Brooks in All I want for Christmas is Mommy