Kendra Heart in Forced Entry – A Daughters Tail

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This is Kendra Hearts very FIRST Anal Video on the Internet!
Kendra Heart comes home past her curfew thinking she will just grab a drink before she goes to bed but her father is waiting for her. Kendra’s Dad is going to give he a lot more than a a piece of his mind.

Scene One: Coming Home Late

Kendra comes home late at night. I have been up all night waiting for her and drinking on the couch. I start yelling about how I’m sick of her not doing anything around the house, not paying rent, always arguing with me. Since her mother left I have to do everything. I tell her she’s out of the house tomorrow or get over here on her knees and sucks my cock since that’s all she is really good for.

I face fuck her for the duration calling her a slut and saying the only thing she’s good for is swallowing my cum and spreading her legs. I fill her whore mouth with my cum and tell her some sweet logic. I tell her I did not cum on her face even though she deserved it. Then tell her to thank her Daddy and like a good trained slut she does…

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Scene Two: Only Panties

The next day Kendra is told I only want her wearing panties when she’s in the house. No bra since her tits are her best part and I want to see them at all times to distract from her face since she looks like her mother. She strips and then I tell her to bend over on the bed and play with herself but she not allowed to cum. Halfway through it he starts fucking her roughly fuck her ass for the first time. I tell her to suck me off and clean my cock, Slut! She blows me, I put my cock back in her ass and fuck her till I cum. I tell my little cumslut daughter she is lucky I did I did not make her swallow it…

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Scene Three: Ass to Mouth

A week later, I am is getting bored of her and I tell her she needs to do something to keep things interesting or she’s gone. She says she’s done everything I asked. I say well I guess I need to ask for different things. Take off your panties and get on the floor – head down, ass up – like the slut you are. I then start fucking her in the ass. It’s pretty rough and she’s crying a bit about how it hurts, but I don’t care. I then fuck her face and make her beg for ass to mouth and ask her how it tastes…I but my cock back in her ass and then cum and shoot all over her face…I tell her to lick and clean it all up you whore!

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Scene Four: Breakfast

Kendra brings me my dinner and spills my drink all over my lap. I tell her to clean it up you dumb whore. She rubbing my crotch with a towel. I take off my shorts and she’s rubbing my boxers. I get hard.

I say it soaked through the boxers and take them off. She starts rubbing my cock with the towel trying to clean whatever is there. I am angry saying that the whisky and Coke has made me all sticky. She needs to lick me clean. She cleans my cock till I am about to cum and I then bend her over the table. I spread her ass open and force my cock into her tight ass. I then grab her by the hair and pull her to the bed and continue to fuck her ass going from her mouth and back to her ass.

I open her mouth and fill it full of my cum and tell her to never spill my drink ever again…She says “Yes Daddy and I am sorry”…

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Cory ChaseKendra Heart in Forced Entry – A Daughters Tail