Felicty Feline in Batgurl Abused & Used by Dr. Perv

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In Dr. Perv’s battles with SuperGurl, he has gotten the better of her many times, but she keeps coming after him and he wants to put a permanent end to that. He decides to use BatGurl to help him strip SuperGurl of her powers, knowing that BatGurl, who does not have super powers, will be easier for him to subdue, and once he controls her he can have her use her friendship with SG to trick her. He puts out the word that he’s ready to surrender himself, but only to BatGurl. The inexperienced BatGurl, eager to put the evil Dr. Perv in jail, takes the bait and comes to Dr. Perv’s office to arrest him.

Scene 1 – Brainwashed

BatGurl comes to Dr. Perv’s office to arrest him. He wants to surrender himself only to BatGurl. She is impressed (and fooled) by his apparent sincerity and tells him she will do everything she can to help rehabilitate him after his sentence is up. But then, faking concern for her health, he checks her eyes with a flashlight, but it is really a weapon which he uses to immobilize and her. Before she can react, she is completely under his control. He plans to make her his sex salve, and then help him make SuperGurl powerless so he can be rid of her forever. BatGurl, completely , cannot resist him: “You are my doctor and my master. I will obey your every command”. His plan is to infuse into BatGurl his seed, laced with a kryptonite chemical that he invented and ingested himself, so that she will be his weapon to infuse the kryptonite into SuperGurl, because he cannot get close enough to SuperGurl to do it himself without being captured by SuperGurl.

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Scene 2 – Dominated

Dr. Perv orders BatGurl to strip nude, except for her mask and boots, which turn him on. He then forces her to blow him, and then fucks her in the ass. He also inserts a small dildo into her pussy which emits the kryptonite chemical there too, so that he is infusing the kryptonite chemical into BatGurl through three orifices – her mouth, her ass and her pussy, to make sure she is fully ingested with the kryptonite chemical and has multiple ways to weaken SuperGurl. Dr. Perv says: “Now, BatGurl, I will instruct you on how you will trick SuperGurl”. “Yes, doctor”, says BatGurl.

What does the devious Dr. Perv have in store for SuperGurl?

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Scene 3 – Erotic Wrestling

BatGurl comes to visit SuperGurl and asks her to help her hone up her wrestling skills. “Can we do some friendly wrestling so I can practice some moves, and also work on getting out of some holds?” SuperGurl is only too happy to help her best friend and fellow superheroine, but she knows that she has to go easy on BatGurl, who does not have the super powers that SuperGurl has. They take off their costumes and boots to practice getting in and out of some wrestling holds, and engage in not only some nude erotic wrestling, but also some nude erotic body rubbing, breast to breast contact, and even a few kisses at the same time. Finally, when SuperGurl has BatGurl in an unbreakable hold, BatGurl cries out: “OK, I give up”.

SuperGurl still doesn’t realize that BatGurl, as Dr. Perv’s tool, is setting her up, as she takes Dr. Perv’s diabolical plot to its next stage.

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Scene Four – Inverted 69

After SuperGurl releases BatGurl from the last hold, BatGurl asks SuperGurl what she does after defeating a super villainess to make her talk. SuperGurl explains that she softens up the super villainess with forced orgasms, and that will break them down to be easily interrogated. When SuperGurl explains her “Inverted 69” move, BatGurl begs her to show her how it’s done. “You lift and turn your defeated villainess upside-down, and orally tease her pussy while you force her to orally eat yours”.BatGurl begs again: Can you show me how it works? Can you try it on me? SuperGurl agrees, falling further into the trap.

When SuperGurl puts BatGurl into the “inverted 69” position, they each sensuously massage the other’s pussy with their tongues. Before long, SuperGurl soon begins to feel herself getting a little weak and dizzy. She doesn’t realize that in the inverted 69 position, she has been ingesting the kryptonite chemical from both licking BatGurl’s pussy, and from BatGurl’s tongue inside her pussy. As she gets weaker, SuperGurl has to put BatGurl down. Although SuperGurl tells BatGurl that something is wrong, and that she needs to stop and rest and recuperate for a few minutes, BatGurl continues the 69 action on the bed, further weakening SuperGurl. The confused and weakened SuperGurl begs BatGurl: “Please stop BatGurl”, but at that moment, Dr. Perv enters the room and says: “No, BatGurl, don’t stop. I command you to keep going until her powers are nullified”. You must obey me. Only I will tell you when to stop”.

SuperGurl now finally realizes that she has been the victim of an insidious plot by Dr. Perv, using her friend BatGurl against her, but now she is helpless to do anything to stop them.

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Scene Five – Finishing the Job

Dr. Perv orders BatGurl to keep on 69-ing SuperGurl. After a few minutes, he tells BatGurl to sit up, so he can places his stethoscope on SuperGgurl’s chest and listen to her heartbeat and decides that SuperGurl is now too powerless to resist them. To be sure, he orders BatGurl to put green kryptonite collar on SuperGurl to keep her powerless and under his control. Dr. Perv then taunts SuperGurl by telling her how he used her best friend to infuse the paralyzing kryptonite chemical into her body. He will now reinforce his control over BatGurl by fucking her again. First he will make the helpless SuperGurl watch, then he will force her to participate, and ingest even more of the kryptonite chemical in his seed.

Again, he first forces BatGurl to suck his cock to get him hard, then he fucks her ass while she eats SuperGurl’s pussy. Then he has BatGurl sit on his face while he tongues her, ATM, while SuperGurl is simultaneously sitting on his cock facing BatGurl, while fucking Dr. Perv furiously. He eventually comes all over SuperGurl, and he and BatGurl sensuously rub his kryptonite-laced cum all over SuperGurl’s breasts, to further weaken her.

When they are done with SuperGurl, Dr. Perv takes a sample of her pussy juice. Following orders, BatGurl will take the helpless and groggy SuperGurl back to Dr. Perv’s lab for more tests on SuperGurl her and her pussy juice. He wants to determine if SuperGurl’s powers are diminished enough for him to do the same and mind control on SuperGurl as he did on BatGurl.



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Cory ChaseFelicty Feline in Batgurl Abused & Used by Dr. Perv