Felicity Feline in My Dominant Daughter

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Felicity Feline has her way with her mother Cory Chase. She catches her mother in the perfect moment to turn her into her submissive lover. Felicity is such a great big sister that she thought to share her new found toy with you in part 2 and 3.

Scene One: Fucking My Mom

Cory is having some alone time, rubbing a vibrator on her pussy when she hears a knock at the door. Her daughter Felicty walks in wearing new hot lingerie, looking for her brother. “He’s been looking at me lately and stealing my panties” Felicty explains. So she’s going to give him something to look at and confront him. It’s just then that she notices her mom’s vibrator.

“What are you doing!” Cory yells as Felicty kisses her passionate and holds the vibrator against her. Cory sharply inhales at the feeling of being touched. She tries to fight it, she knows it’s wrong but she’s just so horny. She gives in, licking her daughter’s tits and pussy, 69ing until they both cum like little sluts. Felicty knows exactly what she’s doing making her mom into her secret lesbian whore.

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Scene Two: Fucking My Brother

“I have a present for you” your sister Felicty tells you. She brings your mom into the room dressed in red lingerie and throws her to the bed. Felicty is in control of her now and wants to give her to you. “I can’t do this” Cory says trying to leave, when Felicty pushes her back down and starts kissing her. Cory is torn between the lesbian pleasure and her son watching her. She wants to stop but her horny body wont let her.

‘I think it’s time you suck your son off. You’re going to do this, suck his dick” Felicty demands. Cory nervously wraps her lips around your cock and Felicty licks your balls. They take turns sucking and worshiping you until you’re rock hard and ready to fuck your sister. On her back you fuck Felicty and make her moan. “You’re next mom” She says.

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Scene Three: Three Way Fucking

“I can’t believe you’re doing this” Your mom looks up at you with pleading eyes as you fuck her. She has no choice but to be forced by her daughter’s lesbian lust. Cory sucks you and gets you nice and wet to fuck each of the girls in their tight warm humiliating ass holes. “I should not be doing this” Cory moans in desperation, fighting with herself.

Felicty makes her suck your dirty cock like a good mother should. They get on top of you and ride you with their tight asses, Felicty begging you to cum for them. They get to the floor and Felicty takes your big load all over her face and into her mouth. She turns to Cory, “Open your mouth mom” she says and shares your load. “You’re the best mom ever and we love you” Felicty says to a shocked and horrified Cory.

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Cory ChaseFelicity Feline in My Dominant Daughter