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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Custom Video?

A custom video is your ultimate fantasy come to life. You submit your ideal scene, being as detailed as you would like, choosing all critical elements, and we put our masterminds to work creating the ultimate fantasy viewing experience for you! Your only limits are your imagination, budget and the limits of some of our models. Many custom videos lend themselves specifically to one or several fetishes or kinks, all the models we employ are masters of role play, and erotic performance to ensure the best result possible for all our customers!

How Detailed Can A Scene Be?

As detailed as you want, please understand that the more detail you include the more expensive the scene will be. You can choose everything from the scene itself to the camera angles, dialogue, wardrobe and accessories used, the model, even her makeup and hair if you so choose. If you have a complete scene outline or dialogue written up please copy/paste directly into the “scene description” box on the request form. Our performers are masters of role play and improvisation and can easily fill in the blanks when given general scene descriptions, KEY words, phrases or actions. If you are on a budget fill up the “scene description” box with what absolutely cannot be left out of your scene, the bare essentials and we will help you construct a scene around it according to your budget. It is all up to you!

How Long Can My Video Be?

That depends on your budget and the details of the script. Most videos are between 10-20min long but some are over a hour long.  We do not produce videos shorter than 5 minutes.

Do I Get To Pick The Model/Performer?

Yes, when available and applicable. Please visit our Models Page for a listing of models that may be available, please review their specialties and limitations before making a request. We try to honor your requests whenever possible, however these models/performers are not exclusive to Cory Chase Customs so they may need up to one months advance notice for booking. If your chosen model isn’t available we can give you a list of models that would be available for your video that you may choose from.

Can I Perform In The Video Or Be There When It Is Filmed?

No, we do not invite our customers to interact with or watch our performers. We keep our set professional and female only aside from our cameraman. We like to create a safe and trusting atmosphere where our models feel comfortable in sometimes extremely vulnerable scenarios. Thank you for your understanding.

Do I Get To Choose The Wardrobe And Toys Used In The Video?

Of course, if you would like. To some wardrobe makes no difference and to others it is the sexy center point to their fantasy. We keep a well-stocked toy box full of crops, floggers (silk and leather) wooden ankle/wrist stocks, clamps, jute & Silk ropes, various other light bondage restraints and spreaders, and models tend to provide their own intimate play toys when required. Depending on the location we are using to shoot, or the performer chosen we may have more options for toys and wardrobe. All of our models have tons of sexy attire and between our studio wardrobe and theirs, we can generally muster up all your erotic apparel desires but we don’t have everything. If there is any specific piece of wardrobe, accessory, or toy we do not have available but it is necessary for your video, you may purchase it for the studio. (these items are for us to keep however if you would like to purchase worn items from the video you may inquire once the video is complete)

Where Do You Shoot Your Videos?

We use a variety of locations to shoot our videos. We have a home studio that we use on a daily basis, and we work at various location you can find on my other websites. Locations are decided based on time of production and set type necessary. Please note requesting certain locations / sets can increase the price of your video.

Are Your Videos HD?

We prefer to shoot our videos in the highest definition possible using our True HD Panasonic AG-HPX250. Our underwater videos are shot with a Full HD Camera as-well.

What File Format Are Custom Videos?

These videos can be delivered to you in any format from wmv – avi – mov – mp4 – whatever your preference, however to maintain quality we generally send in HD .avi format. We recommend downloading VLC Media Player to view these highest quality videos – its free, just google it!

How Long Until I Receive My Custom Video?

As soon as payment is received the necessary models will be booked and scheduled as soon as possible. We generally have 1 day of shooting for Custom Kink Shop per week depending on the number of incoming requests and model availability. Average turnaround time after receipt of payment is 1 week although depending on video needs this process can take up to one month or cost extra to expedite.

How Do I Receive The Custom Video?

As soon as videos are complete, they are edited and stamped then sent your way. Your custom video is uploaded to our secure server. Once the file is uploaded, you will receive an email link to download the custom video to your computer. If you would like a DVD this would come at an additional fee of $50.

Make Sure To Set A Title

How Much Do Custom Videos Cost?

Every video is different so the prices vary. We use the information provided in the Contact us Page to assess the cost of your desired video. There are a few standard costs/prices you can always count on:

Minimum: Because your 10-minute video can take up to one hour to shoot and all of our models have a minimum rate for their time, we make sure they are paid appropriately by having a minimum rate of $200 per model per video. This does not mean that your video will only cost $200 with only one model, but no video will be produced for under this price.

Can I share My Custom Video Or Sell It?

NO! We maintain the rights to these videos and to resell them, you are actually funding the production of the shoot, not paying to buy the rights of the video itself. In essence you receive a copy of the scene for providing its funding. You may watch them for your own personal use, you may not forward or copy this material to be shared.

How Do I Pay For My Custom Video?

Submit your custom clip request for a list of payment options.