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Watch Cory Chase take care of her husband that way he loves it. Cory loves pleasing her husband. Cadence Luxx was suppose to be out with her boyfriend but he brakes up with her because she did not want to have sex. Cory being a good Mom helps her daughter the tricks of the trade on how to give a great blowjob and how sensitive the frenulum is on a male cock.

Harley Quinn sneaks into Wunder Woman’s home and when she’s found out she shoots at the amazon. Wunder Woman quickly deflects the bullets and pulls out a little gun of her own. Straight from Hephaestus’s own forge a ray that makes it’s target completely and uncontrollably horny. Harley grabs her pussy in beautiful agony and falls under Wunder Woman’s spell.

“This feels so good doesn’t it?” Wunder Woman asks tying her up and teasing her. She takes out a vibrator and plays it along her body. Harley screams in frustration being used and forced to cum. Wunder Woman hits her with the ray again and implants a mesmerizing suggestion into her head. Harley is going to become her slave and do exactly what she says…

Cory has purchased some bikinis with your money she has brought them home to figure out which ones she is going to keep. She has teased the hell out of you by just walking in in a pair of heels. You see all her beautiful curves of her fit muscular body. The teasing continues as she puts the bikinis on one by one. She keeps covering her gorgeous body posing and stripping. You think you are ready to fuck her but she starts masturbating and teases you not to come. She keeps you in suspense with a long countdown. She has milked your balls like your wallet as she keeps all the bikinis.

Purchase items off her wishlist or tip her for appreciation.

Melanie and Cory find themselves chained together to the bottom of a pool. The chain is just long enough that one can breathe if the other one stays down. You take full advantage of this, groping and stripping one girl while the other gasps for air. Their eyes plead with you to stop.

You watch them, naked and fighting to hold their breath as the weight slowly moves to the deep end. The distance they need to reach the surface gets longer and the chain doesn’t reach. Soon the girls are holding onto their last breath and hoping for a miracle as they both fall unconscious in a nightmare of water.

Cory ChaseCory Chase